CENTRAL-PHARM INVESTMENT GROUP is hereby established on 2016 as a non profit political, non religious voluntary self group of Kenya pharmaceutical association central branch members for the furtherance here in after appearing. The group will be housed at Prime Business Centre, Commercial Street, Thika town.

Vision And Mission

Vision : To create an environment of togetherness of KPA Central Branch Members.

Mission : Pooling of resources by CENTRAL-PHARM INVESTMENT GROUP Members to buy an investment of their choice.


  1. A Member must be:

    - A qualified pharmaceutical technologist duly registered by the pharmacy and poisons board.
    - Be registered with the Kenya Pharmaceutical Association.
    - Abide by all the rules and regulations of the group.

  2. Every member of the group shall, on becoming a member, pay the group a non-refundable registration fee of ksh. 1000 or such other fee as may be prescribed. New Members will be admitted in phases. The phases will be determined by the Annual General Meeting. Phase 1 ended on 4th February 2017.
  3. Every member will be required to pay a monthly contribution of Ksh 1300 before the 10 new month or such other fee as may be determined by the annual general meeting from time to time.
  4. Every member, on being accepted for membership, shall notify the group of his/her next of kin and the next of kin shall be responsible for the debts and be entitled to the rights, privileges, emoluments and dividends of the deceased member.
  5. Resignation from the group
    1. Any member desiring to resign from the group shall do so in writing. He/she shall give a two month notice to the secretary of the intended resignation and shall take effect from the date of expiry of the notice, provided the member has cleared outstanding loans and other commitments and handed in over all properties of the group in his/her possession during the period of the notice.
    2. If any of the shares of a member desiring to resign have been invested in land, buildings and other immovable properties, the resignation shall only take effect when another member of the group has bought such invested shares.
    3. Any member, who fails to pay his/her monthly contribution for more than three consecutive months, shall automatically cease to be a member and his/her name struck off the register of the group members. Such a member shall only be eligible to a refund of 50% after deduction of Expenses incurred by the group.
  6. Removal of membership
    1. The management committee shall have power to suspend a member who has convened any provisions of the constitution of the group.